$105 USD

Price Per Diver

Scuba Dive Los Arcos – Puerto Vallarta

(4 hours)  This protected marine preserve consists of several small islands  that have colorful coral reefs and arches, deep tunnels and caves. Los Arcos underwater park an amazing diving destination in Puerto Vallarta for it’s abundance of marine life and the clarity of the surrounding water.

“The Aquarium” at Los Arcos.  Aptly named, is a perfect dive site for beginners and experienced divers alike. This dive site is packed with a wide variety of tropical fish and eels.

Swimming through this unique underwater topography makes this an interesting dive for everyone.

makes this an adventurous dive for everyone. This tour is perfect for new divers, but also for certified divers who have not dived for more than 6 months and need a refresher course.

Devil’s Canyon: This is the perfect dive site for certified divers and the deep dive lovers amongst us. With depths from 18 meters/60 feet all the way down to 45 meters/130 feet (certification permitting), the experience can be tailors to your satisfaction.

The dive starts in The Aquarium, allowing us to sample what this beautiful site has to offer before setting off for The Banderas Trench.  We will hit the canyon passing through The Devil’s Mouth where we will reach and experience The Banderas Trench’s maximum depth; prepare to be humbled by the sheer vastness of the ocean, gazing at the sun’s shimmering light and beyond, with over a mile drop below you. Then, follow the canyon along with some of the best chances of encountering manta rays and large schools of fish, before leaving the canyon to emerge on the other side of Los Arcos. This is the dive where you’ll take in one of the most spectacular views in Puerto Vallarta; you’ll feel as if you’re looking over the edge of the world…


EQUIPMENT:  We exclusively use Cressi equipment to bring comfort, reliability and not a small amount of style to your day.

INCLUDED: First time diver pool scuba instruction equipment rental (computer optional), light lunch (sandwich and fruit), plenty of water, and everything you will need to really enjoy your day to the fullest.

WHAT TO BRING: Swimsuits, Towels, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Mexican Pesos for: souvenirs, incidentals & gratuities.

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