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Private tours in Mexico City — Teotihuacán Pyramids Private Tour

Teotihuacán is no ordinary place. It is ancient, shrouded in mystery, and once Mesoamerica’s greatest city. This complex of majestic temples is known for its two massive pyramids, Pirámide del Sol (Pyramid of the Sun) and Pirámide de la Luna (Pyramid of the Moon).

Teotihuacán lies in a mountain-ringed valley just 50km from Mexico City, and it’s the perfect place for a day trip.

Of all the top attractions in Mexico City, Teotihuacan is probably the most popular. Teotihuacan was an Aztec city that flourished between A.D. 1325 and 1521. At the time of the Spanish Conquest in 1521, the Aztec capital city of Teotihuacan was among the largest cities in the world, with perhaps as many as 200,000 inhabitants.

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