Stunning gem

Parque Centenario, Coyoacán
TNT, Coyoacán, 04000
Ciudad de México.

Private tours in Mexico City — Coyoacan Neighborhood Private Tour

Narrow streets with beautiful colourful houses, busy squares with gorgeous churches and ubiquitous stalls with mouth-watering street food. All that and more is Coyoacan – the best place to go in Mexico City.

Coyoacan used to be a bit far from the city center of Mexico City, so there were plenty of vacation homes of wealthy Mexican entrepreneurs and other citizens, who could afford a home there. Coyoacan looks like a vacation zone even now – its atmosphere of holiday, joy and cheer makes the mood go up.

Coyoacan is full of small and middle sized parks. If you just keep walking around, you will encounter at least 3 or 4 parks. Also, another thing that Coyoacan is famous for is its colorful bright streets. The colorful streets of Coyoacan were the reason we decided to do a small photo session there. Just look at the streets. There are so fabulous!

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