Hi! My son and I did the Paso Ancho tour with Estigo Tours today, into the Sierra Madres – it was fabulous!!! The price is so low yet the experience so rich!!! We were able to get a private tour and our guide Waldo was so informative and caring. He tailored our trip to our interest which included time for tequila tasting and playing in the crystal clear River Cuale! The tour is an exhilarating ride through the city streets to the culturally rich countryside, then up the winding and rugged roads into the mountains! Our guide Waldo kept a close eye on us every minute making sure we were safe while showing us a thrilling ride. We are here at the end of PVR’s dry hot season but Waldo took us to a place on the river we could ride through,get wet and cool off! There is a refreshing stop at a lovely open-air cantina with top notch margerettas, cervezas or whatever you like. The view, vegetation and wildlife fill you with a great sense of peace. Further down the trails, if you stop for tequila tasting, not only will you have some of the finest organic spirits, but the resident pooch Hershey will lift you even higher with much puppy love. Lunch on this tour is at a river oasis called Moro Paraiso – delicious cuisine and welcoming service amidst one of the most beautiful places on Earth! You seriously will not want to leave! But with more hills to climb and winding track to investigate, it’s back to the ATV’s and mountain wonders. The tour returns to PVR through an old luxurious area and the villa where Elizabeth Taylor resided in the 1960s. The splendor is still there today. Throughout the tour, Waldo is ensuring you are enjoying every minute and by the end his professional, talented and friendly way of showing you this amazing land, without the normal tour pressures, has carved a place in your heart, and your planning when you will see him again for another Estigo Tour! For me I’m hoping it’s very soon! Thank you Waldo and Estigo Tours!