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Mezcal a non hangover spirit

Mezcal is a universe of spirits

Mezcal has approximately 50 varieties of flavors and odors, that become the experience in real canonic event. Agave plant varieties like Tepextate yield a verdant herbal distillation. A Madrecuixe agave is normally earthy and complex. Then there’s the Sacatoro agave, which produces a tangy, mildly sweet final product.

Mezcal might improve your life

Agave sugar is agavin, a natural fructose with molecules linked by long chains. As such, they are a non-digestible dietary fiber that won’t raise blood sugar levels—but are still sweet in flavor and fermentable.
Further, the mezcal has at least 6 terpenes, a natural compound that improves your health thanks to anti-depress effects, relaxation and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Mezcal nighs = no hangover

The natural and traditional body of mezcal is light and clear and despite of complex and aromatic some studies spoke of the no hangover effects after a mezcal night. This is different when people drink dark alcohol like whiskey or rum. Generally, the darker the spirit, the more congeners and, thus, the worse your hangover.

The traditional manufacturing process

When you visit an artisanal mezcal palenque, you can watch it being made in almost exactly the same way it was over 300 years ago. Harvesting huge agaves from the fields, roasting them in the ground for days, using a horse-pulled stone wheel to crush them.

Yes, larger commercial producers have eliminated some of these charming aspects, but the more you come to appreciate the finer points of this remarkable spirit, the more it’s impossible not to conclude that the traditional way is best.

It’s all a fascinating trip back in time. And when a mezcalero pours you something he made, explaining the intricacies of his process for that particular distillation, you can’t help but be enchanted by it all!

Mezcal provides an exuberant buzz

When you drink mezcal you experience a flavor-odor back in your nose and throat that remains for a few minutes and you try to understand what kind of flavors are you experiencing. Normally the flavors are woods, herbs, soil and sometimes flowers mixed with the spirit of mezcal and the result is absolutely breathtaking and obsessing.

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